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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why You Have to be Honest ?

You’ve probably heard the popular saying, “honesty is the best policy”, but how can you apply this saying when it comes to taking paid surveys? Getting started is easy because most websites only require you to sign up, but you have to be honest. Once you find a legitimate website, you can start earning money in the comfort of your home.

Research companies that utilize this form of market research expect to get accurate, applicable results; therefore, these companies assume that the answers provided by survey takers are true to the best of the survey takers’ knowledge. The following points touch upon some of the reasons why honesty is important when doing this. Read on to learn how being honest can help you improve and increase your potential to earn more.

Companies rely on surveys to predict the market.

Research companies are hired for one reason: to study a client’s target market in order to provide valuable insight and recommendations that will contribute to the client’s business strategy. This is why companies are now opening their doors to interested people who are looking to earn money without too much effort. The questions are often simple and easy to answer. Individuals taking paid surveys should realize that dishonestly answering questions can lead to inaccuracies in the final report or market study.

Companies can tell if you are not being honest.

Survey questions are the product of an in depth understanding of the client’s company, and marketing professionals are often in charge of formulating these questions. Survey companies have a way of making questions with which they can easily detect if there are any inconsistencies in the answers provided by the individual taking a survey. People might not always notice, but some questions are often worded in ways specifically used to check for honest answers. One way for survey companies to detect whether or not a person is giving an honest opinion is by noting the amount of time he/she spends answering each question.

While there may be no time limit while answering a survey, it is easy to notice if a survey taker has failed to read and understand the question based on the answer provided. Most research companies know how long it usually takes to finish a single questionnaire. Also, a series of questions may be interconnected, and if the answer on one of them does not complement that of another, it can be a sign of inconsistency. If a person is able to finish a survey in very little time, companies can easily scan and predict the level of honesty for each answer.

Companies want quality over quantity. 

Companies are looking for thorough, relevant feedback from survey takers. It is the quality of a person’s answers that gets evaluated, not the quantity. Always remember to read and make sense of the questions before providing an answer. It doesn’t matter if you have answered more than the required number; if the quality of the response is poor, and it’s easy to tell that the questions were answered in a careless manner, there’s a huge chance that the survey company will not hire your services again. In fact, they may actually deactivate your account.

Dishonesty could cost you money.

Some research companies have strict guidelines with which you are expected to comply once you sign up for an account. If they find your answers unsuitable or dishonest, they may have the right to cancel your account, and you will not get paid for your work. You can lose the potential to earn money simply because you failed to provide an honest answer.

Paid surveys are a way for business owners to learn what consumers think about their products and services. Providing a dishonest opinion will not benefit the company and might even adversely affect their research study. Business owners require and expect honest opinions from individuals who answer their questions so that they can identify their business’s weak points and come up with solution for improving their services. You are expected to deliver quality answers and failure to do so can result in loss of income.

Honesty can make you a survey expert.

What does it take to be an expert in the field of paid surveys? The answer is simple: honesty. If your answers provide relevant information that companies find useful, chances are good that they will give you more tasks in the future. Think of the potential of being an expert in this field simply because you are truthful and straight forward in delivering your answers. Just as survey companies can predict dishonest answers, they can also easily see which individuals take their work seriously. You can build a good reputation and become an expert by doing nothing more than providing an honest opinion.

Think of online surveys as means for a symbiotic relationship. Research companies need many people for their market studies, but the traditional way of approaching people and inviting them to take part in surveys costs a lot time and money. In this age of modern technology, it is easier and more affordable to invite Internet users that are looking for a way to earn money. If you continue to provide the companies with usable, quality output that is of value to their business, this will demonstrate your work ethic, and in return, they will find more survey tasks for you. Simply put, if they are happy with your performance, your potential to earn more increases. Both the research company and the individual can benefit if the questions are answered with honesty.