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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Paid Surveys with Free Registration – Never Pay Money to Sign Up

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It’s not a big secret that more and more people are starting to look into sites offering "paid surveys with free registration". Almost everyone who’s ever tried to make money with surveys knows that there are a lot of survey sites asking you to pay just a “small, one-time registration fee" to join. I would suggest that you don't join these sites.

What’s the truth about these sites?

Most of these paid sites will just redirect you to a list of free surveys. I can’t say that all pay-to-register sites will do the same thing, but I definitely won't suggest you to pay. Why would you pay for something that you can get legitimately for free? I’m a member of about 10 legitimate survey sites with free registration, and I make enough money with them, so I don't plan to join any more.

Let's consider the differences between free-to-register survey sites and those without free registration.

Paid surveys with free registration:

- They are 100% free to register.
- They only charge you a small percentage of your earnings (about 10%).
- Most of them are legitimate.
- In most cases, legitimate sites actually look legitimate. You’re unlikely to come across any flashy titles and promises to make you a millionaire in one week.

Online surveys with paid sign-up:

- Most of them are scams and they only redirect people to free “get paid to take surveys” programs.
- You may think that, if you pay once, you won't have to pay a percentage of your earnings later. With most of these sites, however, you’ll still be charged even after paying to sign up.
- Many of them promise to make you rich within a short period of time. In my opinion, 99% of sites making claims like this are scams.

Now let’s discuss how to find these free-to-register survey sites 

First: Go to everyone’s favorite search engine: GOOGLE.

Now, don't type in words like "surveys" or "surveys for money". You’ll get much better results if you search with phrases. I would suggest trying some of these:

paid surveys with free registration
surveys with free registration
paid online surveys with free sign up

If you only search using popular keywords instead of phrases, then you’ll find sites that spend a lot of money on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which may not always be the best survey companies. So always search with longer phrases.

Second: Now that you know how to search for free survey companies, look for forums about making money online and ask for the best sites to get started; you’re likely to receive a lot of helpful answers from people who have found great ways to make money and want to share their wealth. You can do the same with blogs, social networking sites, and so on. Just ask anyone who’s tried to make money with surveys and you’ll get answers.

Third: Finally, if you’re interested, I have a list of great, 100% legitimate, online survey companies with free sign-up. I've been a member of each site for several years, and they always pay on time.

I hope that helps ...

You may say: "But I've heard that I can make $150 per hour for only a single payment of $39. Isn't that a better option for me... ?"

Many people have heard that they can become millionaires if they pay "only $39". I can’t say that all of these companies are scams because no one has actually tried every single one of them. What I can tell you is that I've bought a lot of these products and I’ve never made money from them. It’s up to you ... If you believe that someone can teach you how to make millions for only $39, then go ahead and pay. In my opinion, most of these systems are scams, and I would never suggest paying for them.

The fastest way to start making money online is with online surveys. That's what I do: I work and get paid for my opinion, and I only register for free.


  1. Online surveys are the source of income fr the poor people living in different countries of the world. It also helps the people who give surving online and become great. Some people can make millions only by online surveys. Its a informative post also. I liked reading it.

    1. Yes, you're right.There are a lot of poor people that make money that way.Poeple love surveys.Actually I know companies that offer $60, even $90 per single survey...

    2. can you please tell those company names.

    3. I update my site regularly.Please understand that there are a lot of companies, but my blog contain ONLY trusted, legitimate and free companies, that I know.I do my best to keep this blog free of scams.Although I can not guarantee 100% legitimacy, because I'm NOT an owner of the links provided here, I personally make money from these survey companies, I read everything online about them and then I list them here.The sites provided here are enough to make more than $60/daily.Please check for more updates regularly, or just subscribe at this blog, by becoming fan.

    4. There is a website that compiles most of the paid surveys by different companies. I believe it is not a scam as I also signed up for it.
      Anyway you could have 100% guaranteed money return if you're not satisfied with it.

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  2. I know that. I also do the same thing. don't believe those site's who need some money for sign up. if you want to earn money with the survey so go free registration sites. some sites are tell that you can make $100 per hour if you can give just $20 or more dollar. don't believe those people.

    1. Yes, you're right.That's why I've created this blog.To teach people how to find legitimate and free surveys.There are a lot of paid companies, but most of them are scams.Don't believe them.Just go and register for free.That is.

  3. I think there is govenment affiliated company are exist which give us a money for survey.I know there is also some sites exist like every people I am also do the same thing like paying first money for sign up and the final result is zero. By seeing your blog , it's helpful for me and also to other that there is sites exist which give us a money for survey and thanks to tell how to searh a legal company.

    1. Thanks for your comment here.Actually most of these sites don't belong to the Government.They are normal companies that develop different kind of products.They just need our opinion to increase their sales.By sharing your opinion to them, you help them to increase the quality of their products.They know what people would prefer and what not.That's why they pay us.

      I know that the Government may also research or pay different companies for that, but paid surveys are different.They are for money.

  4. I like your blog helping people make money with online surveys.

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  5. there are actually a lot of company who paid to survey. as i know most of them are free. you do not need to spend any $$ to register in those website and can earn a lot of money. there are free company to paid you and by using those you can also earn lot of money. as the company who want $$ from you to get registered, do not enter into those website. they are nothing but scam. if you spend any $$ to them them, that will be total waste. so my advice is search Google and try to find any legitimate company website to do this and earn money. don't be a fool to invest in all those company. tanks or the links and the information.

    1. Yes, you're right. People must not pay for that.

      Thanks for your comment.

    2. I agree. Majority of these surveys are indeed free and will not require you to spend a single cent. It's also true that it's a waste of money if you pay for these surveys.

      It is also always important to invest some of your time knowing the survey company you'll work for. This does not apply to online surveys alone but to all other jobs out there. You can check for available feedback through the web to see how legitimate the company is. By doing this, you somehow get an assurance that you'll get paid for your work.

      Though these online surveys are free, I hope you share the same sentiment that your time isn't

      Thanks for this post.


  6. This is really helpful, thanks for sharing this. So basically when finding a paidsurvey online, make sure it's free. But can the company will lose a lot of money with a style like that?

    1. Yes, you're right.

      No these companies won't lose money, because they make % of what people make.For example if any company pay 120 $ for research, a survey company will get $100, and they will make $20.That is the way free surveys make money.

  7. I agree with the information presented in this post. With the help of On-line surveys one can easily increase one's income. It doesn't mean that you have to quit your day job but trying it in extra time is worth a shot.

  8. Never quit your job.It gives you regular money.If you are not sure, you must work.If you make more than 100,000, then quit it ;)))

  9. There are many paid survey panels in internet, but it is hard to find the right one. Paid survey panels are a new introduction of online marketing. Paid survey sites may pay you occasionally, weekly or daily. These sites generally invite people to fill up a form in internet and gives various opinion on different matters.

    It should also be stressed that making money with surveys isn't a one time event. It's a long process that needs some time and effort to make it work. People sometimes think that they will be able to take a $10 survey in the next hour. In most cases, it may not true. They need to join many survey panels to start receiving paid surveys. People need to join enough survey panels and be registered with them for long enough to develop a stream of daily surveys to take.

    Here, I can give you a rough estimate of the money you can earn with surveys, I can say that anyone who sticks with surveys and combines all kinds of surveys should have no trouble earning an extra $200-$400 per month working at it in his spare time.

    1. Yes, these numbers that you have mentioned are easy.I can say that making even more is not so hard.

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  11. I am really glad I found this post, amazed by what I read. I am now going to try out these survey sites. I agree with your statement "If you believe that someone will teach you how to make millions for only $39, then try it.It is up to you.If you want to know my opinion, most of these systems are scams" Exactly! How dumb are people these days ? If I have a million dollar idea why would I share it with you for $39? seriously?

    1. You're right ... No one will share one million dollar idea for $39.But people that have no ideas can try to sell what they know for $39.I think these people have to pay us to test their systems, and if someone make millions they have to pay us $39 to show them how we do that ;)

  12. Paying Survey sites gives you chance to earn from the home and not only good but excellent pay will be given to you.

    Thanks for such a nice article.

    1. You are right. Its like one of the option to earn money just in between the time of facebooking.

      But I would say, its your talent to find the right one and spend the time on it. Try googling about the paid survey that you are going to signup and find it if it is not scam.

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  15. I love you, I didn't get the chance to know your name, thank you anyway, I have only one question, I live in a country of genocide government, do you think this thing will work for me? meaning, no credit cards.

    1. You can try these surveys.If they accept you, then you'r OK.

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