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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Paid Surveys with Free Registration – Never Pay Money to Sign Up

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Survey Junkie

It’s not a big secret that more and more people are starting to look into sites offering "paid surveys with free registration". Almost everyone who’s ever tried to make money with surveys knows that there are a lot of survey sites asking you to pay just a “small, one-time registration fee" to join. I would suggest that you don't join these sites.

What’s the truth about these sites?

Most of these paid sites will just redirect you to a list of free surveys. I can’t say that all pay-to-register sites will do the same thing, but I definitely won't suggest you to pay. Why would you pay for something that you can get legitimately for free? I’m a member of about 10 legitimate survey sites with free registration, and I make enough money with them, so I don't plan to join any more.

Let's consider the differences between free-to-register survey sites and those without free registration.

Paid surveys with free registration:

- They are 100% free to register.
- They only charge you a small percentage of your earnings (about 10%).
- Most of them are legitimate.
- In most cases, legitimate sites actually look legitimate. You’re unlikely to come across any flashy titles and promises to make you a millionaire in one week.

Online surveys with paid sign-up:

- Most of them are scams and they only redirect people to free “get paid to take surveys” programs.
- You may think that, if you pay once, you won't have to pay a percentage of your earnings later. With most of these sites, however, you’ll still be charged even after paying to sign up.
- Many of them promise to make you rich within a short period of time. In my opinion, 99% of sites making claims like this are scams.

Now let’s discuss how to find these free-to-register survey sites 

First: Go to everyone’s favorite search engine: GOOGLE.

Now, don't type in words like "surveys" or "surveys for money". You’ll get much better results if you search with phrases. I would suggest trying some of these:

paid surveys with free registration
surveys with free registration
paid online surveys with free sign up

If you only search using popular keywords instead of phrases, then you’ll find sites that spend a lot of money on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which may not always be the best survey companies. So always search with longer phrases.

Second: Now that you know how to search for free survey companies, look for forums about making money online and ask for the best sites to get started; you’re likely to receive a lot of helpful answers from people who have found great ways to make money and want to share their wealth. You can do the same with blogs, social networking sites, and so on. Just ask anyone who’s tried to make money with surveys and you’ll get answers.

Third: Finally, if you’re interested, I have a list of great, 100% legitimate, online survey companies with free sign-up. I've been a member of each site for several years, and they always pay on time.

I hope that helps ...

You may say: "But I've heard that I can make $150 per hour for only a single payment of $39. Isn't that a better option for me... ?"

Many people have heard that they can become millionaires if they pay "only $39". I can’t say that all of these companies are scams because no one has actually tried every single one of them. What I can tell you is that I've bought a lot of these products and I’ve never made money from them. It’s up to you ... If you believe that someone can teach you how to make millions for only $39, then go ahead and pay. In my opinion, most of these systems are scams, and I would never suggest paying for them.

The fastest way to start making money online is with online surveys. That's what I do: I work and get paid for my opinion, and I only register for free.