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Monday, September 30, 2013

Several Important Things You Should Pay Attention

Here I'm going to teach you several important things you should pay attention to if you want to make money with paid surveys.I'm sure most of you know some of them, but we are going to talk about that again, because they are so important.

- Join only paid surveys with free registration.Most of the companies that want you to pay are scams.You should not trust them.I understand some of these may not be scams, but don't pay.Most legit companies are 100% free to join.

- Research.Here is how to research to find legitimate surveys for money.Go and find several companies online.You can use my blog, because here I list only legit and free sites, but if you don't want you can search online.Make sure all of them are with free registration.If not, I'd suggest you to ignore these.Then try to research more about them.You can go to Google and type their names and words like forum, review, scams.That way you'll see what people think about them.If you type that for the best company, you'll find many negative things for sure.But that won't have to discourage you.Try to read as much information as possible.Read comments, forums and more.I also would suggest you to search for survey forums and join them.There you'll be able to ask people that already have been doing this.Just read and ask what you want.There are many forums on that topic.Keep in mind that many companies will try to write fake positive things about them.But if a company is scams, you'll will see many negative things.

- Visit these sites and see are they looking professional or scammy.If a site looks like scams, it probably it.Of course a professional looking site doesn't mean legitimate for sure, but it will be better to see sites that looks good.Make sure you can find privacy policy and terms on every site.If you don't see these things, I would not suggest you to join.If you see they have, I'd suggest you to read these things carefully.Here are several things you have to pay attention to when reading their privacy.Make sure they will never try to sell you anything.Most scams try only to sell products.Legitimate surveys won't.Some companies write they are free to register.Make sure they will guarantee that your personal information will be kept safe.That is very important.Read carefully what are their payment options and how often they pay.There are many sites with weekly payment options.

- Get your decision.The last thing I will tell you before you get your decision is to check their offers.If you see offers that pay more than $100/hour, that probably is scams.What I've found is that most of the legit companies answer that they don't pay so much.And that is better, instead of scamming you.I'd suggest you to join several free surveys and start making money today.Don't start with one legitimate site, but don't start with many sites.When you start making money you will be able to join more.Now go and start making money today.


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